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Social Media Marketing & Management Service

We offer competitive social media management services. With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Social media gives you direct access to all of its users
Not only are there billions of users on social media, but your business has access to them!
Social media provides a direct line of communication for them to speak with you and vice versa!
What other traditional or modern-day marketing methods give you the capacity to instantly reach your target market from all over the globe and communicate with them?
This connection is key to growing your brand and capitalizing on the benefits of social media.

Linkedin Lead Generation:

Profile Optimisation The first impression is always crucial when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. To keep the marketing of your business productive, we make sure that your LinkedIn profile exhibits itself professionally to return the highest acceptance and inbound response rates.
All of our monthly plans in which you invest include a complete assessment of your current profile. It includes the services of our profile optimisation and design department. The first step is imperative to ensure we improve your campaign results. This initial work of phase one is common to all of our customers. We cannot underscore how important showing the correct profile is and also how significant in generating leads. A well-optimised profile will help in securing a consistent flow of quality connections, providing you with the sales connections you want.

Determining The Target Audience

In our first discovery session, we will have decided the criteria needed to use within LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform to locate your potential clients. It’s mostly about building a relationship with the connections we create on your behalf. Finally, these connections will be willing to enter into conversation with you offline. We utilise the keyword research option and the many filters available to us to refine the lead search. Depending on the package you choose, we know the numbers we have to work with to ensure your campaign a success.

Connecting With Your Target Audience

The connections we build must have value to the client. We tailor every connection request to obtain the best chance of a response. As we employ no automation any of our process, there are no ‘readymade’ questions. The extensive experience in many industries also prepares us with significant knowledge, allowing many positive reactions to our connection requests. We generally connect with up to 60 prospects daily. Many who get your connection request will go on to check you out on LinkedIn. Your perfect professional profile now comes into effect and becomes a precious tool in increasing your inbound enquiries.

Initiating Dialogue with Your Accepted Connections

We quickly respond to accepted connections to further qualify the prospect. At this phase, we will send a personalised text or elevator pitch. A comprehensive briefing, we will have had with you will ensure the variety of messages that we can send, and ascertain that your brand message is not undermined. Response reaction with accepted connections has to be immediate. The time of response can sometime influence the success of that specific connection and improve the qualification process. Your account managers use a personalised message or elevator pitch at this point of the process.
Our dedicated team nurtures the connections that respond with a specific requirement and that need an answer, continuing the conversation until the contact is fully qualified as a sales lead. For the final decision, we forward you all the details of the communication.

Track Results

Keeping track of all the communications, data, and leads is crucial to maintain transparency and enhance outcomes. From the very beginning, we keep our campaign specific to achieve the desired goals and ROI. We set measurable objectives such as how many leads our client need every month or how many companies do they want to establish a connection with. We take advantage of some of the most trusted and advance software for keeping a safe log of each potential lead we receive on behalf of our client. Each lead we receive is properly followed up until it converts into sales qualified leads, giving you the maximum return on investment.

Data Collation

We will send a spreadsheet containing data received from all LinkedIn contacts that accepted our invitation to connect. This data consists of: Company name; Contact name; Contact telephone number; Email Address; Website URL of Company.

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