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Email campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to reach out to your prospects. Have you ever tried one ?


Email campaigns are often dropped after the initial email blast is sent to a targeted lead list as businesses are often unable to track response, validate delivery, and correct returned/bounced emails.
Ematrix Solution's Email Marketing Services can provide clients with beginning-to-end follow-through for any email campaign, including press releases, event announcements, special offers, and newsletter circulation.
Ematrix Solution's Email Campaign Management services starts with developing contact and email lists, especially if the client doesn't already have a target database. This is followed by Customer Database Validation, which entails email verification and email or data appending to make sure the prospect database is complete, comprehensive, and optimally useful. Ongoing email list management is also part and parcel of Ematrix Solution's service offerings.
For email campaigns, We utilizes specialized software that allows agents to monitor which prospects have opened emails from each campaign, as well as tracking which pages of the website the prospects visit. These powerful email campaign management tools allow the Ematrix team to determine valuable information, such as which specific products or services are of interest to the prospects. We can also provide real-time alerts which agents can immediately follow in effort to qualify the prospect as a potential sales lead.
Our dedicated and detail-oriented agents will ensure clients' e-mail communication reaches the targeted audience, follow-up on responses, validate e-mail addresses, correct returned or bounced e-mail addresses, and carry out subsequent activities to maximize returns.
Contact us to learn more about our Email Campaign Management Services and the other ways we can support your sales and marketing teams. Request a Quote for Ematrix Email Marketing Service.

Trained Email marketing experts available On-demand

Reduce Costs, Improve Profit Margins

In-house employees can cost you big dollars. The costs include recruiting, onboarding, training, medical, insurance, infrastructure vacation, leaves, and replacing in case they leave. Hiring an outsourced team means eliminating these expenditures and reduce your cost by 30% or more.

Rapid On-Boarding

Get a part-time or full-time email marketing team or a dedicated email marketing consultant in 10 to 30 days or less. No more long waiting period. No more downtime.

Email Deliverability Services

Ematrix team is made up of email gurus and professionals. With backgrounds from all around the email ecosystem, our deliverability consulting team can optimize your email strategy and ensure your emails always reach the intended recipient.

We go above and beyond to ensure successful Email Delivery.

Apart from usual requests like emails and phone numbers, we work with you to identify the sales intelligence which matters most and scour all corners of the internet to find it.
Our researchers use 5+ tools to deliver leads with the following data points:

360-Spam Audit

Our experts dive deep into your domains and mailboxes, identifying email deliverability issues in an all-encompassing domain audit.

Delivery Analysis

We examine each account, domain, and inbox to identify dips in performance and locate the source of sending issues.

Spam Fixing

We provide relevant suggestions on how to fix your spam-related issues, building future-proof spam-fixing tactics.

Email Warm-up

A proper mailbox warmup will get you set on the right track to the recipient's inbox, and Ematrix experts are here to help

Software Configuration

Anything from building a strong IP reputation to crafting subject lines that won't trigger spam filters

How Do We Do It?

The Ematrix's team provides achievable short-term and long-term solutions and focuses on the boring parts of email while you run your business. When it comes to deliverability issues, our expertise enables us to cover all the bases, including numbers, regulations, tools or blacklists. Basically, we know what works and what doesn't. And we want to share that knowledge with you and help you reach your intended recipients 100% of the time.

Email Marketing Software Setup

If you're unsure of where to begin with your bulk email tool configuration, not to worry! We will configure your email tools to ensure sustainable performance, enabling you to start sending engaging emails to your customers and leads in no time.

Email Authentication

Authentication has become a best practice for email senders looking to secure their online reputation. Having SPF, DKIM and DMARC records set up is critical, and yet beyond the technical expertise of many marketing specialists. We can help you correctly set up these records to fight fraudulent messages and phishing and maintain the trust of your recipients.

Email Warmup

Before you start using new mailboxes for outreach, you have to warm them up. Otherwise, you'll get blocked almost immediately. Our specialists can ensure that never happens by manually warming up your accounts, increasing your sending limit and preparing your mailboxes for mass outbound campaigns.

Domain Reputation

A poor domain reputation score can hurt your email marketing performance. By mapping your domain's relationship with Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL, we will define a strategy that helps increase your score and reduce the risk of spam complaints.

Email Deliverability Issues

We've collected and built our own specialized tools and methods to identify potential email deliverability issues even before they arise. But we don't stop there. Throughout our partnership, we will continue proactively looking at all verticals that influence your email deliverability to ensure long-term success - your KPIs, rates, reputation data, email headers, logs etc.

Fix your deliverability issues in 3 easy steps

Sending emails shouldn't be a guessing game. With Ematrix's help, you always know where your message lands long before you hit send.

Step:Infrastructure analysis

Tell us your data enrichment needs. We’ll work with you to create research parameters that’ll give maximum impact in the format you need.We will analyze your existing infrastructure and tool stack or help you pick from the best with your requirements in mind. Our team will create both short-term and long-term solutions and strategies for your review to get your wheels in motion ASAP.

Step:Setup and Execution

We will begin working on your existing issues that prevent your quality emails from reaching inboxes. Or, if you're starting a new campaign with us, our experts will prevent any issues from happening through our tried-and-true methods.


Once your deliverability is stable, you're free to maximize your outreach campaigns and increase your conversion rate as our tech specialists continue monitoring your performance and provide you with solid support.

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