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Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions defined herein includes the Refund/Replacement Policy , Validity Guarantee and the Shipping Policy of Ematrix Solutions.

We reserve the right to modify this Terms and Conditions at any time, so please review it frequently. We will notify you here, by email, if there is any changes in the terms and conditions.

Refund/Replacement Policy

Once the payment is done by the client, the list will be delivered as agreed, and as mentioned in the description. As the product /service is a B2B database and is delivered through email there is no shipping or tracking number.
The client is eligible for replacement records if there are any invalid records and the client is able to provide proof/report of the same. The equal number of records will be replaced with fresh records. The client is only entitled to replacement records in case of invalids. Client cannot claim for a monetary refund. We provide replacement records only. The number of invalid records provided by Client within a period of 45 days will be replaced or added to future credit as per client choice.

Validity gaurantee

Ematrix Solutions is permission-based marketing which collects the information provided by our subscribers at our, and affiliated, websites. Ematrix Solutions purchases and manages email lists generated by other organizations. The Company uses customer information captured only to offer for sale its products and services.

Shipping policy

Ematrix Solutions database is provided or delivered online as attachment through email. If the size of the database exceeds 1 GB than it will delivered through secured servers. In such cases client will be provided with user name and password. We do not ship physical copy of the data in any print format, DVD etc.


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